ZWILCH antibody (HRP)

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CategoryPrimary antibodies
Catalog Numberorb481673
Tested applicationsELISA, IHC-P, WB
ReactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
ImmunogenKLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human ZWILCH
Concentration- 100 μg (in 100 μl): 1 mg/ml
Dilution rangeWB: 1:50-200, ELISA: 1:100-1000, IHC-P: 1:50-200
Form/AppearanceLyophilized or Liquid
UniProt IDQ9H900, Q8R060
StorageStore at -20 °C for one year. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. The lyophilized antibody is stable at room temperature for at least one month and for greater than a year when kept at -20°C. When reconstituted in sterile pH 7.4 0.01M PBS or diluent of antibody the antibody is stable for at least two weeks at 2-4 °C.
DescriptionRabbit polyclonal antibody against ZWILCH conjugated to HRP
Alternative namesAnti Protein zwilch homolog antibody, Anti kinetochore associated antibody, Anti hZwilch antibody, Anti y ZWILCH protein antibody, Anti KNTC1AP antibody, Anti zwilch antibody, Anti MGC111034 antibody, Anti homolog. antibody, Anti Zwilch antibody(click to expand)
Expiration Date12 months from date of receipt.
NoteFor research use only.