Biorbyt Antibody Conjugates

Biorbyt Antibody Conjugation Service

Biorbyt offer primary antibodies conjugated to a range of fluorescent and enzymatic labels.

Most protein and cell analysis techniques require the use of primary antibodies and traditionally a labelled secondary antibody for visualisation. However, there are times when directly conjugated primary antibodies have advantages over two step primary/secondary techniques.

For simultaneous detection of multiple target proteins in one experiment, directly conjugated primaries can reduce the nightmare of secondary cross reactivity.

Our conjugated primaries are fully covered by our product guarantee, allowing you peace of mind to experiment with new protocol optimisations. If you are looking for a particular fluorescent conjugate wavelength, please do contact us as we’re keen to allow our offering to make your science work.

Our Primary Antibodies are Conjugated to:

Biotin CF®488A