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Product Overview
Product Name Human IgG Subclasses Standard Serum
Catalog Number orb80208
Target Human IgG Subclasses Standard Serum. Human standard serum orb80208 is intended for use as a calibrator to prepare standard curves in quantitative determinations of human IgG subclasses. IgG1: 4.7 mg/ml; IgG2: 1.65 mg/ml; IgG3: 0.29 mg/ml; IgG4: 0.36 mg/ml; total IgG: 6.70 mg/ml.
Product Properties
Form/Appearance Liquid whole serum. Vial with 0.5 ml human standard serum.
Preservatives No preservative added
Storage The product is shipped at ambient temperature. After arrival, store divided into small aliquots, frozen at or below -20°C. Repeated thawing and freezing should be avoided.
Note For research use only.
Reconstitution Working dilutions may be prepared by adding the required amount of phosphate buffered saline (PBS) containing 0.05% Tween and 1% (w/v) bovine serum albumin, should not be refrozen and preferably used within 24 hours. If a slight precipitation occurs upon storage, this should be removed by centrifugation and will not affect the performance of the product.
Source This standard is prepared from sterile-filtered human male AB plasma (USA origin), obtained from a large number of qualified (healthy, non-medicated) adult blood donors.
Product Description

Human standard Serum with assigned values for IgG subclasses.

Application Notes
Application Notes Experiment Notes: The nephelometric determination of the concentration of each of the four subclasses was carried out on a Beckman Coulter IMMAGE® Immunochemistry System, using the Sanquin Kit for quantitative determination of human IgG subclasses in serum and plasma. Maximum allowable imprecision is 15%. The standard used was from Siemens which is calibrated against the ERM-DA470 (CRM-470) standard.
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