Recombinant Human Transferrin protein

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Catalog Numberorb84879
UniProt IDP02786
MW84.8 kDa
Concentration40% Iron
TargetRecombinant Human Transferrin
Application notesRecombinant Human Transferrin has been shown to enhance the growth of many cell types including hybridoma and primary cell lines. The optimum concentration of Recombinant Human Transferrin for cell culture varies with the cell line. In CHO, effective concentrations range from 10 - 50 mg/L. The reported effective concentrations for hybridoma and Vero cell lines range from 5-20 mg/L. Effective concentrations for primary cells vary between 5-100 mg/L. Cell lines require little or no adaptation to Recombinant Human Transferrin.
Solubility (25°C)Stock solutions can be prepared by dissolving gently into PBS for several minutes. Typical stock concentrations are 5-20 mg/ml in PBS, although others can be used. Avoid the formation of bubbles when dissolving. Filter through 0.2μm filter to sterilize
Biological originThis product is produced in Oryza sativa (rice).
StorageRecombinant Human Transferrin powder can be stored at 4 °C although -20 °C is recommended.
Purity> 95%
Form/AppearanceLyophilized Powder
NoteFor research use only.
Expiration Date6 months from date of receipt.
DescriptionRecombinant Human Transferrin is recombinant human serum transferrin that has been produced in an animal-free production system. Human transferrin is responsible for iron transport in animals. In cells, intracellular iron is required to maintain cell growth. Transferrin is the preferred method for iron delivery into cells where it enters through the transferrin receptor. Each 80 kDa transferrin can transport two iron molecules. In cell culture applications, iron delivery by transferrin has advantages compared to free iron or iron-chelators. Free iron promotes free radical formation, which can damage cells. Iron-chelators tend to disrupt downstream processes and tend to have lower iron bioavailability, require excessive iron loading in cell culture media. Recombinant Human Transferrin is designed for use in cell culture media and life science research. It is not intended for use in humans.
  1. Human Transferrin R Protein [orb1516754]
    100 μg, 500 μg
  2. Human Transferrin R Protein [orb1516321]
    50 μg
  3. New
    Recombinant Human CD71 Protein, His Tag [orb1553385]

    This protein contains the human TFRC(Cys89-Phe760) was fused with the N-terminal His Tag and expressed in Mammalian cells.

    ≥90% as determined by SDS-PAGE

    100 μg, 50 μg
  4. New
    Recombinant Human Transferrin Protein, His Tag [orb1551046]

    KMP1441, Recombinant Human Transferrin Protein is produced by HEK293 Cells expression system. The target protein is expressed with sequence (Val20-Pro698) of human Transferrin (Accession #NP_001054.1) fused with a 6×His Tag at the C-terminus.

    > 97% by SDS-PAGE.

    100 μg, 50 μg
  5. New
    Recombinant Human Transferrin R / CD71 Protein, Avi His Tag [orb1550368]

    KMP2121, Recombinant Human Transferrin R / CD71 Protein is produced by Expi293 expression system. The target protein is expressed with sequence (Cys89-Phe760) of Human Transferrin R / CD71 fused with a His Tag and Avi tag at the N-terminal.

    > 95% by Tris-Bis PAGE, > 95% by SEC-HPLC

    100 μg, 500 μg