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    Quality Guarantee

    At Biorbyt we understand that customers do not want to waste valuable resources on products that do not work.

    Our Quality Guarantee

    • If the product does not perform as stated on the product page ("Applications" and "Reactivity"), we will first review your protocol via our expert technical team against in-house protocols, literature and related databases. If we cannot help you to get it to work, we will offer an alternative batch of the same product, a different product or a refund.

    • Valid for 12 months from the shipping date

    • Response to your enquiry within 12 hours

    • If we cannot get it to work in your hands, we will make notes on the product page in the "Application Notes" to inform the scientific community of potential issues with the product

    • For all antibodies that we cannot get to work in the customer hands, we will start a R&D project to validate the product again

    If the product does not work, please