Techniques in molecular biology are constantly advancing. Biorbyt supplies specialist molecular biology tools and high quality solutions to support your research. With years of experience and expertise, our equipment and solutions constantly evolve to meet the demands of research at every level. We support scientists to identify, quantify and analyse biological molecules and processes, bringing about exciting discoveries and opening doors to new research paths. Unravel the mysteries of DNA, RNA, proteins, unlock the secrets of human disease, gene expression and the relationships between structure and function of biological molecules, with accuracy and reliability.

Biorbyt provide equipment and solutions that save you time and make processes easier; serums, solutions, tools, IHC kits and lysates are all part of our ever-expanding range. Our molecular biology tools assist research in a range of fields: Genetic engineering, gene therapy, disease identification and treatment, cellular mechanisms, nucleic acid purification and more.

Biorbyt’s mission is to support the global scientific community through service excellence. Our simplified buying process enables you to make the best choices and saves you valuable time. Our product datasheets give you the information you need, and our prices include shipping. Research scientists choose Biorbyt for high quality products, competitive prices and first class service.

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  1. Rabbit Serum Albumin [orb22420]

    DOT, IEP

    Not less than 98% as determined by agar-gel electrophoresis. Tested in a concentration of 40 mg/ml at the level of sensitivity of the applied immunoprecipitating techniques, this product contains only a trace of an alpha 1 protein.


    100 mg

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