The importance of research in the Neuroscience area cannot be overstated. According to the World Health Organisation’s last estimate, more than one billion people are affected with neurological disease globally. Of these, over 50 million suffer with epilepsy and 24 million with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This number is only set to rise with an aging global population.

Research into this key area is therefore essential, so it is also a core focus for Biorbyt to provide quality reagents to meet researcher’s needs. Offering high quality antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and small molecules, we supply products across the board to move your vital research forward.

We have more than 100,000 Neuroscience products.

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The progressive structural and functional loss of structures and/or death of neurons. Research is helping decipher the causes of neurodegenerative diseases like ALS (MND), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntingdon’s at a subcellular level.

Catalog # Name
orb11453 Tau antibody
orb69429 Apolipoprotein E antibody
orb86005 beta Amyloid (1-28) protein

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Alzheimer's Pathway NF-kB Pathway


This encompasses the development of neurons from undifferentiated progenitor cells into all mature neurons in the CNS. The process is most prolific during embryonic development, but it is now also known that it occurs in the adult brain. This gives plasticity to the circuitry and increasing evidence shows there is a role for adult neurogenesis in specific brain functions.

Catalog # Name
orb33646 SOX2 antibody
orb95443 Calbindin antibody
orb405174 Human WNT3 ELISA Kit

Neural Stem Cells

Neuroepithelial cells that are the main cell type in the neural plate constitute the major initial class of neural stem cells. They can go through asymmetric and symmetric division and give rise to radial glial cells, which later generate neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. It is also well established that the adult brain contains a large number of stem cells. Human Embryonic stem cells (hESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS) have provided a potentially unlimited source of neural stem cells for clinical use.

Catalogue Number Name
orb11109 Nestin antibody
orb11559 Vimentin antibody
orb80806 Human FGFR4 protein

Neuronal Growth and Development

Neurons and their precursors undergo prolific differentiation and migration from their original position in the ventricular zone of the neural tube. They need to migrate outwards to reach their final locations.  This is known as radial migration. Radial glial guidance is a key contributory factor in this process.

Catalog # Name
orb378576 BDNF antibody
orb14708 AKT antibody
orb429500 Human VCAM1 protein

Neurotransmitter Receptors

Neurotransmitter receptors are integral membrane proteins that bind chemical mediators known as neurotransmitters. Binding of neurotransmitters forms the basis for neuronal communication through synaptic junctions between adjacent neurons. Neurotransmitter receptors are critical targets in clinical intervention and the loss or misregulation of these pathways often underpins the symptoms of neurological disease.

Catalog # Name
orb214550 S100A1 antibody
orb10007 5HT1A Receptor antibody
orb604898 Human GRIN2A protein