Matched Antibody Pairs

Matched Antibody Pairs

Typically used in a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), matched antibody pairs are sets of two antibodies that target distinct, non-overlapping regions or epitopes on the same antigen of interest. When one of these antibodies in a matched antibody pair is coated as the “capture” antibody, and the second antibody is used as the “detection” antibody, you can “sandwich” the protein of interest in an easy-to-use ELISA format. Proteins of interest can vary from immune markers to viral antigens, and even antibodies themselves.

Matched antibody pairs may use monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies as capture or detection antibodies. Once labeled, higher affinity monoclonals are great for the detection of subtle differences in antigen quantities. Adsorbed polyclonal antibodies are best suited for capturing as much antigen as possible. The use of antibody pairs enables very specific and highly sensitive antigen and analyte analysis, in addition to avoiding potential interference of primary antibody capture by labeling (used in the direct ELISA method). In some cases, self-sandwiching antibody pairs may be utilized if the target antigen is large enough to present multiple, appropriately spaced binding sites or epitopes to allow for adequate capture and detection. Matched antibody pairs are not only suitable for ELISA testing but may also be suitable for lateral flow assay (LFA) use or other related immunoassays.

ELISA immunoassay

ELISA immunoassay

Sandwich ELISAs

ELISA kits are one of the most widely used enzyme immunoassay methodologies to detect antibodies or antigen in a sample. Originally described in 1971, the four basic formats used today are direct, indirect, competition, and sandwich methodologies. Each format is best suited for specific uses but primarily differs in which components are bound, how they are assayed, and their interpretations. Benefits of the sandwich ELISA method versus other ELISA methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Sandwich ELISA tests have approximately 2-5 times higher sensitivity than standard direct or indirect ELISA tests.

  • When compared with direct ELISA tests, sandwich ELISA kits have higher specificity for the antigen of interest because two antibodies are used for capture and detection.

  • Complex samples may be used in sandwich ELISAs since samples do not need to be purified before testing.

  • Sandwich ELISA testing also allows more flexibility with detection methods (direct or indirect methods may be used).

  • The Biorbyt team is prepared to help advise which antibody pairs or kits are best suited for your projects’ needs.

Selecting Matched Antibody Pairs for Use

When selecting matched antibody pairs for use in a sandwich ELISA format, it is important to know the epitopes of each antibody and that the pairs are thoroughly optimized and tested for cross-reactivity prior to use. Purchasing your matched antibody pairs from Biorbyt, you can rest assured your capture and detection antibody pairs are ready for your research needs. For your sandwich ELISA, it is also necessary to determine what species of matched antibody pairs are needed for your project. Capture and detection antibodies have the capability to target multiple species of interest (i.e. human, mouse, rat, goat, etc.) and affinities may vary depending on the sample type used. Contact the Biorbyt team for any questions related to sample compatibility for matched pair antibodies or ELISA kits.

Matched Antibody Pairs Table

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
Human TargetCapture Antibody Catalog #Detection Antibody Catalog #
Ang-2 orb506471 orb506470
CD-102 orb308394 orb308345
CD-105 orb506488 orb506490
CD-106 orb308398 orb308387
CD-117 orb308495 orb308390
CD-126 orb308304 orb308300
CD-130 orb308311 orb308402
CD-138 orb308431 orb308381
CD-141 orb308504 orb308401
CD-21 orb308458 orb308379
CD-25 orb308299 orb308297
CD-253 orb308369 orb308373
CD-261 orb308405 orb308523
CD-262 orb308526 orb308529
CD-263 orb308391 orb308360
CD-264 orb308404 orb308386
CD-31 orb308329 orb308388
CD-44 orb308333 orb308395
CD-50 orb308393 orb308336
CD-54 orb308339 orb308385
CD-62E orb308343 orb308397
CD-62P orb308584 orb308585
CD-86 orb308399 orb308493
EpCam orb613145 orb613144
Galectin-1 orb506507 orb506476
Galectin-3 orb308615 orb308614
Galectin-8 orb638780 orb506474
Galectin-9 orb308672 orb308634
GM-CSF orb308624 orb308625
Granulysin orb308609 orb308606
HBP orb308594 orb308600
IFN alpha 2a orb506500 orb506501
IFN-g orb308548 orb506501
IL1RAP orb668949 orb668951
IL-10 orb308562 orb308403
IL-12 p70 orb308563 orb308565
IL-12 p40 orb308573 orb308565
IL-13 orb308567 orb308392
IL-17A orb308412 orb308406
IL-17F orb308415 orb308580
IL-21 orb308632 orb308631
IL-23 orb308407 orb308408
IL-27 orb308414 orb308575
IL-28A orb638783 orb638784
IL-29 orb308633 orb308635
IL-31 orb308595 orb308596
IL-32 orb308636 orb308637
IL-33 orb308597 orb308598
IL-34 orb506473 orb506472
IL-4 orb308396 orb308571
IL-6 orb308557 orb506481
IL-7 orb308389 orb308400
IP-10 orb308375 orb308590
I-TAC orb638786 orb638787
LL-37 orb506505 orb506503
MCP-1 orb308612 orb308613
MICA orb308583 orb308581
MICB orb308605 orb308602
P53 orb308383 orb308365
Perforin orb308382 orb308537
Rantes orb613140 orb613141
ST2 orb506498 orb506497
TIM-3 orb506477 orb506478
TNF-a orb308579 orb308568
VEGF165 orb308641 orb506467