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Working in larger model animal species?

larger modal animal species

In recent years, we have made substantial progress to embrace the 3R’s (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) with respect to numbers of animals used in basic research. It is therefore even more important to ensure that you select the right animal model when your work enters the translational phase and moves away from in vitro or rodent models into large animals more analogous to Humans in size, lifespan, physiology, anatomy and disease states.

A variety of species are now coming to the fore in this area, including Pigs, Dogs and Cows, each with their own advantages. One problem facing researchers moving into larger animal models however is the availability of reagents specific to these species. The majority of antibodies have historically been raised against the more common rodent animal model species, but Biorbyt is working to address this. We are now able to offer a variety of antibodies targeted to larger animal species. If you can’t find the target and species you’re looking for listed here, please do contact us to check if we have it or search online at

Research Products

Catalog # Target Application
orb1216667 IL-8 antibody ELISA|WB
orb21972 Goat anti Swine haptoglobin IP
orb98223 Mouse anti Cardiotin IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98233 Mouse anti Basal cell Cytokeratin FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr|WB
orb98235 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 4 / Keratin K4 FACS|ICC|WB
orb98237 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 5 + 8 / Keratin K5 + K8 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb98239 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 7 / Keratin K7 FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr|WB
orb98247 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10 / Keratin K10 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|WB
orb98249 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10 / Keratin K10 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb98251 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10+13 / Keratin K10+K13 IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98255 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 14 / Keratin K14 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|WB
orb98257 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 14 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|WB
orb98259 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 18 / Keratin K18 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|WB
orb98263 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 18 / Keratin K18 FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb98271 Mouse anti Collagen Type IV FACS|IHC-Fr|IHCP|WB
orb98273 Rabbit anti Collagen IV ICC|IHC-Fr|IHCP|WB
orb98274 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 13 IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98276 Mouse anti Cytokeratin 2e IHC-Fr|IHCP|IP|WB
orb98296 Mouse anti Desmin IHC-Fr|ICC|WB
orb98300 Rabbit anti Desmin K5 IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98335 Rat anti Heparan Sulphate Proteoglycan ICC|IHC-Fr|IHCP|IP|WB
orb98339 Mouse anti Integrin alpha 3A ICC|IHC-Fr|WB
orb98349 Mouse anti Integrin beta 1D ICC|IHC-Fr|WB
orb318755 Mouse anti Lamin A, conjugated to FITC FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr
orb98360 Mouse anti Lamin A FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb318756 Mouse anti Lamin A and C, conjugated to FITC FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr
orb98362 Mouse anti Lamin A and C FACS|ICC|IHCFr|WB
orb98364 Mouse anti Lamin B1 FACS|ICC|WB|IHC-Fr|ELISA
orb98401 Mouse anti Neurofilament 200 kD IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98403 Mouse anti Neurofilament 200 kD IHC-Fr|IHCP|WB|ICC
orb98405 Mouse anti Neurofilament 200 kD IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB
orb98431 Mouse anti Plakophilin-3 ICC|IHC-Fr|IP|WB
orb98433 Mouse anti Plakophilin-3 IHC-Fr|IHC-P|IP|WB
orb98440 Mouse anti Smoothelin IHC-Fr|IHC-P|WB|ICC
orb98455 Mouse anti Vimentin, conjugated with FITC FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr
orb98456 Mouse anti Vimentin, conjugated with HRP FACS|ICC|IHC-Fr
orb98457 Mouse anti Vimentin FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb98459 Mouse anti Vimentin FACS|ICC|IHCFr|IHC-P|WB
orb108585 Mouse anti Human NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Neutralization|Enzyme Immunoassay|IP
orb108587 Mouse anti Human Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), conjugated with Biotin Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108588 Mouse anti Human Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) (Neutralizing) Enzyme Immunoassay|Neutralization
orb108589 Mouse anti Human Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) (Neutralizing) Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108620 Rabbit anti Human Protein Phosphatase 1 gamma 1 WB|IP
orb109013 Mouse anti Human Insulin ELISA|IHC|WB
orb108665 Mouse anti Human 14-3-3 theta/tau Enzyme Immunoassay|WB
orb108667 Mouse anti Human Calpain I, II (small subunit) WB|IP|Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108668 Mouse anti Human Calpain I (large subunit, p80) WB|IP|Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108669 Mouse anti Human NSF WB|IP|Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108683 Mouse anti Human SNAP WB
orb108684 Mouse anti Human SNAP WB|IP
orb108685 Mouse anti Human SNAP WB|IP|Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108780 Mouse anti Goat / Sheep IgG, conjugated with HRP WB|ELISA
orb108790 Mouse anti Human p34 cdc2 nuclear protein IHC-P|ICC|WB|IP
orb108803 Mouse anti Human Dihydrodiol Dehydrogenase IHC|IF|Enzyme Immunoassay
orb108836 Mouse anti Human Prostaglandin-E2 receptor EP2 WB
orb108837 Mouse anti Human Prostaglandin-E2 receptor EP3 WB
orb108940 Mouse anti Human Cytokeratin WB|ICC|IHC|FACS
orb108940 Mouse anti Human Cytokeratin 7 WB|ICC|IHC|FACS

Table 1: A selection of Biorbyt research products for working in larger model animal species.