Insulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine protein

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Catalog Numberorb93603
Application notesBiorbyt's ITSE Animal-Free supplement replaces animal-derived ITS and ITSE products. ITSE Animal-Free may be used with F12, DMEM/F12, DMEM, IMDM and other media formulations. In addition, ITSE Animal-Free may also improve the performance of serum-free commercial formulations. The components of ITSE Animal-Free are animal-free and animal-derivative free. ITSE Animal-Free is prepared as a 100x sterile concentrate in Earle's balanced salt solution.
Biological originThis product is produced in Oryza sativa (rice).
Storage2-8 °C tightly sealed, avoid unnecessary air and light exposure.
NoteFor research use only.
TargetInsulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine
UniProt IDP01308
Form/AppearanceSterile-filtered liquid
Hazard InformationNon-Toxic
Expiration Date12 months from date of receipt.
DescriptionInsulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine Animal-Free is a recombinant, animal-free media supplement used to improve cell performance. Insulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine Animal-Free provides nutrients that are required for cell growth, and replaces other ITS or Insulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine supplements that have components derived from animals. Insulin Transferrin Selenium Ethanolamine Animal-Free is an IgG-free sterile liquid, making it simple to use and allows easier purification of protein products.