Human UBE2L3 (His) Protein

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Catalog Numberorb429082
Application notesEnzymes
NoteFor research use only.
Expiration Date6 months from date of receipt.
DescriptionRecombinant of human UBE2L3 (His) protein
  1. Recombinant Human UBE2L3 Protein, His Tag [orb1551443]

    KMP1044, Recombinant Human UBE2L3 Protein is produced by E. coli expression system. The target protein is expressed with sequence (Met1-Asp154) of human UBE2L3 (Accession #NP_003338.1) fused with a 6×His Tag at the C-terminus.

    > 95% by SDS-PAGE.

    100 μg, 50 μg