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    human serum albumin

    Human Serum Albumin

    While cell therapies progress, improvements in the understanding of cell culture media components and expansion media design must continue in parallel to attain a high level of manufacturing process definition and control.

    Human serum albumin is one such critical component. However, there are already many serum-free cell culture media products incorporating human serum albumin currently available on the market. Some of these possess an inherent risk of variability, and as a result can greatly affect the overall media performance.

    To overcome this, Biorbyt have a recombinant human serum albumin produced in nonmammalian-based expression technology, known as Cellastim S®.

    Importance of Human Serum Albumin

    Human serum albumin is one of the most abundant components present in the plasma of all vertebrates and has been demonstrated to promote growth and viability of mammalian cells when cultured ex vivo.

    Additionally, human serum albumin is:

    • responsible for most of the colloidal osmotic pressure in the circulatory system

    • able to bind to important molecules and deliver them to cells

    • a scavenger of reactive oxygen/nitrogen

    • an excellent antioxidant

    Why is using serum-derived albumin risky?

    • significant differences in the redox state and β-D-glucan (BDG) concentrations exist in 5% of human serum albumin preparations

    • different commercial albumin preparations contain highly variable Cys34-cysteinylated serum

    • inconsistent percentages of oxidized and unmodified albumins as evidence of significant differences in the RP-UPLC profiles of human serum albumins

    • different preparations of human serum albumin can have variable lengths

    • variable levels of stabilizers used for pasteurization of native albumin

    • inclusion of blood sourced components into cell culture media carries an additional risk of contamination of the final product by adventitious agents

    Due to the significant risks involved in using serum-derived albumin, a recombinant alternative is needed for inclusion in cell culture media.

    A reliable alternative to serum-derived albumin.

    Cellastim S® is a recombinant human serum albumin that is totally blood-free and has been optimized specifically to improve the performance in animal-free cell culture media due to the favorable lipid profile and other engineered attributes of the molecule. Cellastim S® is ideally suited for a variety of different stem, primary, and production cell types that include immune cells, VERO, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, HEK, CHO and other cell types. Each lot has been tested in cell culture systems to ensure consistent quality and performance.


    • Manufactured in a tertiary level animal component-free facility in the United States

    • Raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and packaging is certified animal-free

    • Host manufacturing system is of non-animal and non-human source

    • Complete supply and manufacturing chain by InVitria

    • Supplied as a lyophilized powder

    • Certified ISO9001

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