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    Custom Services

    Custom Peptide Synthesis

    Custom Peptide Synthesis

    Biorbyt are proud to offer a high quality, competitively priced peptide synthesis service to our customers.

    Our custom peptides are supplied as a lyophilized powder and are checked via LC-MS with ion trap, quadrupole or TOF detection, MALDI-MS or HPLC at each stage of the purification process for maximum peptide fidelity.

    We can provide peptide up to amino acid residues, with a purity level to suit your requirements.

    — MS, HPLC data and the Certificate of Analysis and Route of Synthesis can be provided with your order.

    — We can offer our peptides with a variety of internal modifications.

    Protein Expression and Purification

    Protein Expression and Purification

    With our extensive experience in protein production and working with different expression systems, we are proudly offering our knowledge and resources to design and generate custom-made proteins to meet our customer’s needs.

    Why Choose us?

    — Choose the expression system (E. coli, yeast, mammalian, or insect cells)

    — Protein purification, more than 85%

    — Customized design and sequence

    — Receive a CoA report

    — Post-purification services available: Desalting, aliquot, endotoxin removal, aseptic process, and lyophilization.

    Contact us to learn more about this service.

    Custom ELISA Development

    Custom ELISA Development

    Are you having trouble finding an ELISA kit for your target? Biorbyt has the experience and capabilities which allows for high-quality ELISA production and validation. We will work with you to develop and utilize the assay specific to your needs.

    Our ELISA development service includes:

    — Antibody Pair Matching

    — ELISA Protocol Development

    — Assay Validation.

    Contact us to see how we can help you.

    Conjugation Service

    Biorbyt offer primary antibodies and Isotype controls conjugated to a range of fluorescent and enzymatic labels.

    Most protein and cell analysis techniques require the use of primary antibodies and a labelled secondary antibody for visualization. However, there are times when directly conjugated primary antibodies have advantages over two step primary/secondary techniques.

    Our Primary Antibodies are Conjugated to:

    HRP CF®405M
    Biotin CF®488A
    FITC CF®594

    For simultaneous detection of multiple target proteins in one experiment, directly conjugated primaries can reduce the nightmare of secondary cross reactivity.

    Our conjugated primaries are fully covered by our product guarantee, allowing you peace of mind to experiment with new protocol optimizations. If you are looking for a particular fluorescent conjugate wavelength, please do contact us.

    Custom Lyophilization of biological samples

    Lyophilization of biological samples

    1. Send the biological sample to Biorbyt (10 samples up to 1ml);
    2. Biorbyt will freeze-dry the sample within 48 hrs and return the lyophilized product;
    3. Store the product long-term or ship at room temperature.

    Biological research relies on reagents such as proteins, peptides, or DNA to carry out experiments. Researchers often require storing samples for a prolonged period. Storing a protein, for example, in a buffered solution is possible but might lead to degradation in the long term. One possible solution to this problem is freeze-drying or lyophilization. The sample is frozen at a temperature below -40 degrees. This is followed by the application of a vacuum at a specific temperature for sublimation to occur, evaporating the water in the frozen sample. This leaves behind a powdery sample which can be stored long-term or shipped at room temperature to other collaborating labs.

    Custom Antibody Production

    Biorbyt can provide a comprehensive antibody production services for a wide range of targets, with numerous immunogen and modification options as well as multiple host species options.

    Custom Antibody Production

    Biorbyt's antibodies undergo rigorous QC, we guarantee high specificity and purity this is achieved through:

    • QC analysis and report of antigen.

    • Affinity or Protein A/G Purification.

    • SDS-PAGE purity analysis.

    • Application validation.

    Immunogen Host Species Clonality Applications
    Peptide, Native Protein or Recombinant Protein Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Chicken, Goat, Alpaca Monoclonal, Polyclonal IHC, WB, ELISA, IF, FC, IP

    Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies

    Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are made using identical immune cells which are clones of a single parent cell. mAbs are specific to one epitope / sequence region. Polyclonal (pAbs) antibodies are made using several different immune cells; they will have the affinity for the same antigen but different epitopes.

    Recombinant Antibodies

    • IgY does not activate mammalian complement systems.
    • IgY does not have a hinge-region, preventing cross-reaction with rheumatoid factors or other naturally occurring anti-Fc antibodies.

    Learn more about IgY and why you should consider it when planning your next experiments here.

    See here for more information on recombinant antibodies and how they can benefit your research.


    The immunoglobulin IgY is the avian equivalent to mammalian IgG. Chickens can produce antibodies against conserved mammalian proteins and peptides much more efficiently than mammals due to a stronger immunological response. This makes the choice of chicken as host obvious when working with human protein antigens.

    Our IgY service includes immunization with your ready-to-use antigen followed by total IgY purification and affinity purification. Our quality controls include ELISA for working titre estimation and SDS-PAGE to confirm purity.

    Advantages of IgY

    • IgY does not activate mammalian complement systems.

    • IgY does not have a hinge-region, preventing cross-reaction with rheumatoid factors or other naturally occurring anti-Fc antibodies.

    • IgY cannot bind to mammalian Fc receptors. This avoids unspecific binding to cells expressing such receptors (e.g., macrophages and dendritic cells).

    Learn more about IgY and why you should consider it when planning your next experiments here.

    Buffer Formulation Service

    Buffer Formulation Service

    Biorbyt can provide our products in a range of formats and buffers to suit your requirements. The majority of our antibodies are supplier in a buffer containing BSA, Glycerol and Sodium Azide. Our expert team of scientists can formulate most of our antibodies without these components.

    Biorbyt can offer high quality, bespoke antibody production and formulation services to suit your research needs. Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.