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    Biorbyt and Vazyme Partnership

    Biorbyt Partners with Vazyme


    Biorbyt has partnered with Vazyme, a global biotechnology company dedicated to advancing scientific research through the manufacture and delivery of bioactive compounds. Vazyme offers a vast range of products, with a special emphasis on enzymes. As a distributor of Vazyme in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Biorbyt is proud to offer an extensive collection of Vazyme products. Check out their product lines below:

    • Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents

      For applications in DNA extraction, RNA extraction, and sample treatments

    • Molecular Biology Reagents

      For applications in PCR, cloning/mutagenesis, reverse transcription, nucleic acid electrophoresis, genome editing techniques, and isothermal amplification.

    • Cell and Protein Research Reagents

      For applications in cell biology and protein research.

    • NGS Library Preparation Reagents

      For applications in DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, target capture sequencing, epigenetics, magnetic beads, NGS library quantification, and single cell sequencing.

    • Lab Consumables

      Molecular biology consumables and consumables for equipment.