• Human HLA class I antibodies are hard to find, especially the ones that work well by IHC stains on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections. Biorbyt’s CD158e Ab works well with great specificity and sensitivity on FFPE tissue sections, which provided critical information in our study.

    Harvard Medical School

  • They are very prompt in their actions. Fantastic job.

    Scientific Research Solutions Inc

  • I'm glad I can place these orders online. It makes processing my orders a much smoother process. When looking up item, your system is very user-friendly.

    Georgia University

  • We received the CD133-FITC last week, and it is working great.

    Beckman Research Institute

  • The cells I used for the MMP9 Western blot were mouse osteosarcoma cells. I've been using the MMP9 antibody again recently and it's very clean. I load 10 ug protein and block with 5% milk.

    King's College London

  • We are quite pleased with the quality and performance of Biorbyt antibodies, besides the frequently exciting option of buying trial-sized antibodies, Biorbyt is currently one of our preferred antibody suppliers.

    VIB Institute

  • It was one of the best purchasing experiences I have had with purchasing from a vendor for the first time.

    University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • We cultivated VEGFR1 positive cell lines (MDA-MB 231) in chamber slides and tried various fixations with this antibody. With all fixations we could see a positive colouring of the cells, and in some cases a strong signal at the cell membrane. The antibody also showed little background staining. We will hence use this antibody in our future experiments.

    Klinikum der Universität Tübingen

  • I am doing proximity ligation assay duolink with this antibody in mature B lymphocytes from mice spleen. Worked great, antibody was at a 1:100 concentration.

    Max Planck Institute

  • We tried IHC staining using the antibody against Ly/6G, #orb13552, on our sample, a subcutaneous PVA sponge in a mouse model. The results are great. Formalin fixed PVA sponges were sectioned at 6 um. Heat-mediated antigen retrieval in citrate buffer (pH 6.0) followed by blockage with 10% NGS was performed. The primary antobody was diluted at 1/250 in 1% NGS. A Biotin conjugated polyclonal goat anti-rabbit was used as the secondary antibody followed by revelation by DAB. (VectorLab)

    Montreal Heart Institute

  • Was very straightforward. Searching for product, creating account, placing order/paying were all quite fast, quick, easy. Was pleasantly surprised.

    Idexx Inc.

  • Good (Publishable / Would use again). 3 star review for Biorbyt Ltd. #orb15046 (IF)


  • I'm very pleased with ease of access your system provides while looking for an item and I'm glad I can place orders online from this site, it has made processing orders a very smooth and hassle free process.

    Georgia Health Sciences University

  • I was pleasently surprised with the way your system works, very straight forward, everything worked very quick and easy - like creating an account, searching for a product,placing an order and paying for the item.

    DEXX Laboratories, Inc.

  • It was one of the best purchasing experiences I have ever had while purchasing from an online vendor.

    University of Missouri–Kansas City

  • The site is very easy to use. Overall it was a very good experience.

    University of Manitoba

  • Called in for info. People helpful and nice..

    Temple University

  • Really like the way International customers can order directly and upload Import permit as part of ordering process

    The University of Sydney

  • Service has been great online as well as very prompt service and reponses through email

    UT Health Science Center

  • Placing our order went smoothly. I am pleased, thank you.

    Case Western Reserve University

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